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Automatic Bagger - Starting at $69,500

Our fully automatic bagger will pick up a bag from the bag magazine, place it in the fill station, open and fill it to the desired set weight. The automatic bagging machine then reforms and closes the bag - all without operator intervention.

Ideal for feed, seed, coal, fertilizer, minerals - most any powder, granular or chunk product.

  • The automatic bagger is simple to operate 
  • This automated bagging system can be utilized with its own integrated gross weigh system or with a net weigher
  • Up to 8 bags per minute
  • For multi-wall paper, kraft over poly-woven or laminated poly-woven bags
  • Our automatic bagger is affordable - return on investment of less than 2 years
  • Smaller footprint than other automatic bagging machines
  • Eliminates operator exposure to unhealthy airborne particles
  • Shown with optional hopper, screw conveyor and sewing system

 Video # 1:

Video # 2:

Our fully automatic bagging machine was designed for the small to mid-sized company as an affordable packaging solution that is easy to maintain, reduces high labor costs, and has a short return on investment.

Call us at Tracey Packaging for more information on the Automatic Bagger - 1-800-639-5664

Bag Stacker (Palletizer) - Starting at $98,900

Our bag stacker is simple to operate and program. Set the palletizer to the bag / pallet layout that you require. The palletizer will stack the bags on the pallet in the chosen configuration. When the pallet is full the operator removes the pallet.

Two pallet stations available. When first pallet is full, machine starts stacking bags on the second station. This allows the operator to remove the first pallet while the second pallet is being stacked.


View bag stacker video:

  • Pallet stations hold at least 5 empty pallets each
  • 3 motors, 3 gearboxes - very few moving parts
  • Bag Stacker can be integrated with our automatic bagger or stand alone

Unlike robot palletizers, our Bag Stacker is simple to operate and program - no need to call in expensive programmers and service technicians.

Need more info? Call us at 1-800-639-5664


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